West Village Family Retreat

West Village Family Retreat

We are very close to full capacity for the Retreat and are taking a first-come, first-serve waiting list for the last few spots. If you are serious about coming on the retreat, get yourself on the list! Like NOW!! Like RIGHT NOW!!! It will fill up.... we would hate to be telling all these cool stories of the epic-ness of the retreat and you be sitting there thinking ‘man, I wish I would've registered when they said to register so I didn't miss out.’ So go to the registration page for full details or talk to Leanne after the Gathering.

All registrations, payments & waivers MUST be received by SUN APR 29TH.

ALSO, we are still in need of a considerable amount of sponsorship money to help people afford the retreat, so if you were considering sponsoring someone you know or just providing sponsorship money to be used however it’s needed, please see Leanne at the Giving station TODAY and arrange payment of your sponsorship money.

Please click: Register Now


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